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Glass and metal surround us, they are both hard and inflexible, but with the application of heat, flame or force can yield to the hand that guides tools. I enjoy the challenge and serendipitous results that arise as I make use of the resulting chaos and structure to create these works.

Most of my pieces begin with no specific plan in mind, but come from the visual queues I get as I survey the materials I’ve chosen to work with. Working with a given material lends direction as I consider what may happen to it with heat, raw flame, or application of glass and combining other materials and objects to add color and texture.


Copper Enamel Clocks  -

All things in life are measured, none more than time. Analog clocks represents stationary and movement standpoints in our lives. A Minute hands seem to stand frozen if glanced at, but do ever so perceptively moves forward if watched closely. By representing the clock-as-art, I present these works to capture the eye and encourage one to examine the moments by which we live.

Below are current and past multimedia pieces clocks The copper enamel works are also referred to as a "vitreous enamel" techique .  I am facinated by the results of this medium as  lighting and the background will interplay with colors in the pieces.

"Sygote"   Vitreous Enamel on Copper Panels   27"x18"    (Available)

"Eclipsing I"   15" Clock Face - Vitreous Enamel on Copper   48"H Sold

"After The Fire"   Copper/Vitreous Enamel   on oak panel    27"x11"  (Available)

"23 Origin"  Vitreous Enamel on Copper panels and circle     36"x20"  (available)

"Reflection"  15" clock face  - Vitreous Enamel on Copper    37"H    sold

"Eclipsing II "     15" clock face  - VItreous Enamel on Copper  42"H  sold

"Once Upon a Midnight Grey" 13" Copper Enamel Clock with Copper Enamel Pendulum (Available!)

"Luna Dream" Vitreous Enamel on Copper     36"x13"  (sold)

"Art Deco"  Sold

"Blue Shade 2" 6"x6" Copper Enamel (Sold)

"Sir Doyle"  Vitreous Enamel on Copper and Wood Panel 21"x11"  (available)

Crossing Boundaries 24"x10" Copper Enamel, Metal, Stained Glass mixed media


"Blue Shade" 6"x6" Copper Enamel (Sold)
"Ahead of Time" 6"x6" Mixed Media Clock - Glass on Copper with disk drive hands (Sold)
"Time Hive Two" 6"x6" Copper Enamel (Sold)
"Carnival" 8" Copper Enamel (Sold)
"Envy Green" 5" Copper Enamel (sold)
"Shim Plate" Copper Enamel Clock 6"x6"
"Blue on Black" 6"x6" Copper Enamel Clock
"Green-Dot-Brown" 13" Copper Enamel Clock with Copper Enamel Pendulum (Available ! )
"Hue Red" 13" Copper Enamel Clock (Available!)
"In Hot Red" 8" Copper Enamel Clock (Sold)
"Yellow Buzz" 7" Copper Enamel Clock (Sold)
"Right Lines" 12"x12" Copper Enamel, Copper Foil and Steel Mixed Media Abstract
"Circle Haze" 6" Copper Enamel
"Orangetone" 6"x6" Copper Enamel Clock (Available)
"Dark Outer Limits" 7" Copper Enamel Clock
"Red Shade" Copper Enamel Clock 6"x6"
"Red The Time" 5" Copper Enamel Clock
"Paised and Confused" 6" Copper Enamel Clock (Sold)
"Patent Pendulum" 6" Copper Enamel Clock (Available!)
"Vulcan Blue" 6" Copper Enamel Clock with Pendulum
"Red Velvet" 6' Copper Enamel Clock (Available!)
"The Blue Dream" 8" Copper Enamel Clock
"Spiral Time" 6" Copper Enamel Clock
"Time Fades" 6" Copper Enamel Clock
"Time Hammered" 7" Copper Enamel Clock (Sold)
"Time Hive" 6" Copper Enamel Clock
"Yellow PIzaz" 6" Copper Enamel Clock
"Zag" 6" Copper Enamel Clock
"ZX" 6" Copper Enamel Clock with Pendulum
Crossing Boundaries 24"x10" Copper Enamel, Metal, Stained Glass mixed media
(Sold) Transparency - 6"x12" Copper Enamel on Stained Glass with Wire
(Sold) Discrepancy 6"x12" Copper Enamel with Silver Plated Copper mounting on Stained Glass
Gothic Lunapse Sea 4"x4" Copper Enamel with Torched Brass on Stained Glass
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